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Sun Feb 27 17:22:45 CST 2005

Excellent day!

I'll give a real quick overview of how things went as I'm stuffed, tired and 
ready for some ice cream... er...  sleep.

I walked out of the house this morning expecting a few folks to either 
cancel or walk up to me and say something like, "Can I still come? I forgot 
to RSVP."  At around 1:00 PM, I had a confirmed count of 85 from what I 
could tell.  I called Famous Dave's and said, "Remember how I told you the 
count might go up a little?  Well, I think we are at 90 or so now..."  There 
was silence and then, "Okay.  We'll add some tables to the room."

By 2:45 PM, it was obvious that thy had added tables but had forgotten to 
add another service person or two as we waited a long time to place our 
orders and all...  But it was wonderful!  We packed the place out.  I think 
we had an empty chair or two and the official count was 95 people.

Everyone who heard me say, "Invite your family, friends, neighbors and 
strangers" must have taken me at my word because there were a lot of faces I 
have never seen before.  I'd guess that the biker to non-biker ratio was a 
little less than even.  Maybe 40% rode regularly  and 3 rode to the event 
and got their free invisible bonus points upon entering the room. They're 
redeemable for priority seating at next year's event...

It was a great meal and a great day.  I took some photos with a borrowed 
camera as my wife dropped her camera a day ago and it's dead...  Where's the 
official photographer of NEVROC when you need him?  :)  Hopefully, I'll get 
the photos back from my friend soon and post 'em somewhere for all to see.

Thank you all for coming out - and those of you who couldn't make it, we 
missed you but appreciated the empty seats as we needed every last one.  The 
place is normally really wide open but we packed so many people into the 
room we had that the servers were having a really hard time delivering the 
food.  I'm, not sure why they wouldn't let me help pass it down the line to 
the other end of the table...  Maybe because I looked so hungry.  <grin>

Special thanks to my wonderful wife Jasmine for helping with all the 
"stuff".  Special congratulations to Adrian who came all the way from 
overseas to join us.  See you all soon and keep your eyes and ears open for 
a Famous Dave's III next year around this time.

Joe - V#8013 - '86 VN750 - joe @ yunx .com
Northern, NJ
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