[enjoyLIFErides] Tomorrow's Ride (4/3)

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Sat Apr 2 20:31:55 CST 2005

Just so everyone stops sending me private eMails <grin> here is the official 

The Polar Bear meet tomorrow will not be cancelled unless the building is 
under water, there is a state of emergency, or some other non-predictable 

Thus...  I will be going regardless of weather conditions.  If it is real 
bad, I'll be in the cage.  I will, however, make sure that I'm at the West 
Orange, New Providence and Walgreen's meeting locations at the specified 
times in case some other folks ride or cage it too.

Weather doesn't look all that bad.  Showers possible and/or thunderstorms 
passing through.  Chance of bright sun around 40-50%.  Chance of getting 
soaked about the same but at least it'll be somewhat warm.

Other than seeing some folks, I'm really looking forward to that burger in 
Clinton!  If we have enough folks, I would LOVE to split the 7 lb. 
variety...  If not, I'll just have a 2 lb. version for myself.  :)

See you (?) all tomorrow!

Joe in Northern, NJ
V#8013 '86 VN750

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