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Sat May 14 21:47:52 CDT 2005

Next Saturday's Bug Run and Today's LIR:

Our next run is this coming Saturday, May 21.  This is the Annual Northeast 
VROC Bug Run we are joining. We will run 191 to Hancock, NY - Lunch in 
Hancock. Proceed on 97 So. through the Hawks Nest to Port Jervis. - Regroup 
and continue to ride or split up - time/rider dependent. I will meet folks 
at the Dunkin' Donuts in Cedar Grove on Route 23 / Pompton Avenue (mile 
marker 1 or 2).  I'll be there at 8:00 AM and we will depart at 8:30 AM for 
Portland, PA.  GC may meet people at the Summit Train Station.  If you would 
rather meet there, let me know via eMail and I'll put you in touch with him. 
For those of you farther out towards PA, I can tell you that the run starts 
on 611 right over the bridge where 46 in NJ meets PA.  You come over the 
bridge and into PA, make the right onto the 611 ramp and make a left at the 
end of the ramp onto 611.  Head down into town and on the right is a small 
cafe (closed) and you will see bikes parked there.  That should be the 
group...  There is a gas station a few hundred feet further down 611.  Meet 
in Portland at 9:30.  Departure is 10 AM SHARP.

Preliminary reports on the Long Island Run are that 7 riders total went and 
they all had a great time.  I walked into my front door last night at 3 AM 
and had every intention on at least going to the send-off point to greet 
everyone, but alas, could not drag myself out of bed when the time came... 
I was totally exhausted from 200+ miles in the car cramped with teens and 
luggage driving to camp.  Then setting up and facilitating a night of 
"stuff" for them a bit including a bonfire and some heavy equipment 
moving...  and then the drive home starting at 1:30 AM from Route 115 in 
PA...  (Susan, near you?)  This morning at 10 AM, I had a family commitment 
and then again tonight until 10 PM...  In a few hours I have to drive back 
out to PA to tear down camp and drive them all back to NJ by 11 AM tomorrow 
morning...  Sorry I couldn't join all of you!!!  How was the Thai food?

Hope to have a full report from someone soon.  They should be walking in 
their front doors right about now from the last cell phone call I got.

Who went and please post details!

Joe in Northern, NJ
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