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Mon May 16 19:28:13 CDT 2005

Just a quick reminder that we will be joining the NE_VROC crowd Saturday 
5/21 for their annual Bug Run.

Meeting locations:

Cedar Grove Dunkin Donuts (Mile Marker 1 or 2 on Route 23 South.  Across 
from the 24 hour CVS and a gas station.  Meet at 8:00 AM for food, 
bathrooms, depart 8:30 AM sharp!

Rockaway Mall - 8:15 AM in the parking lot in front of Macy's (GC will take 
you from there)

Portland, PA - 9:00 AM with a 9:30 AM departure time SHARP!  eMail me for 
directions if you need 'em.

Don't forget to send your riding friends and family to 
http://tinyurl.com/4zkw8 to join our Enjoy Life Rides eMail list.

Someone wrote to me and said...  "ride report?" in reference to the Long 
Island Run this past Saturday...

The ride to Long Island was great.  7 people went.  Some departed at 8:30 
from Summit, NJ and the last person got home around 10:30 PM...  They met up 
with folks along the way and did some off-roading (REALLY!) and touring of 
the areas they went to with a local rider.

I, however didn't make it.  Was out in PA (IN THE CAR!) until 1:30 AM the 
night before, got home at 3:00 AM, had a 10 AM and a 7-10 PM commitment and 
I had to drive back to PA and home again early (5 AM) Sunday morning...

Circumstances beyond my control...  But they had a GREAT time so I've 
heard....  :(

Here is one person's report back to me...  Edited to preserve their privacy.


Hi Joe!

Well, this was my longest ride.  I failed to set both trip odometers so I
don't have an accurate guage on total distance for the day - but I'd eyball
it for me at just shy of 350 miles.  That's a considerable jump up for me.
(He is a relatively new rider...)

Memorable moments - the Lighthouse at Montauk Point.  Meeting Billy's friend
Brian (is that correct?  I'm experiencing a brain fart right now) and
catching a view of his "refurbished summer cottage" in South Hampton.
Really nice.  And Brian (who has a chiropractic practice in South Hampton)
seems like a (cool guy).

We didn't see many bikers in spite of the near perfect weather - it could
have been a tad warmer.  (It was 83 in Morristown, NJ when I was there on
Saturday but they said it was 53 in Montauk)

On the way back on the BQE we got passed by a couple of extreme stunt
riders - zipping along lane-splitting on their rear wheels.  The bravado of
those guys amazes me.

I got home around 9:30 or so - and boy, was I sore!  I think I may have been
sorrer once - after pre-season football practice when I was a senior in high
school.  I could barely walk, and that was in 1955!  Now I could walk, but
the ride helped me see that I need to get some aftermarket stuff for my
(bike) - like those throttle levers, and a small windscreen.  I can't do
much about the ergos so far as my legs are concerned.  But I must be getting
in shape since the really painful cramps didn't show up until late in the

The one thing I could have had less of is the superslab.  I know that if
you're going out to the tip of the Island and back in one day, and you
expect to get some back road riding in, some schmoozing with friends, and so
on... you gotta take the superslab to make time.  Still, I don't want to get
a square tire on my (bike) - as it is I'm trying to get rid of my chicken

Anyway, all in all, I'd say it was a successful day.  No really crazy stunts
by cagers.  Nobody crashed.  Everybody was breathing at the end of the day -
with silly grins on our faces - and, I think, we all escaped the rain.

I'd rather be riding, ya know?!


Another rider's report...


Good ride, 401 miles for me.  Good group of guys to ride with.  The V-Stroms 
were a major presence but were put to shame by the Vulcan when we went off 
road.  GC said it was the tires but I think it's the rider that makes the 
difference.  (GC never really could hold his own...)

Real memorable ride with a guided tour, via the back roads, throughout the 
Hamptons by a guy that lives there.   Came back through Manhattan and three 
of us stopped for Thai food and a quick tour of downtown Manhattan near 
ground zero.  Got buzzed by two guys on sport bikes on the BQE doing 
wheelies at 60 mph.  Had to keep Gilbey restrained.  I think he wanted to 
run away with those guys.  He's always doing his wheelies on his KLR.


Simply makes me jealous!

Joe in Northern, NJ
V#8013 '86 VN750 (For Sale!!!)

Ride a motorcycle in or near NJ?

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