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Wed Jun 15 17:57:12 CDT 2005

We had a great ride this past Sunday out to the Clinton Station diner.  16 
in attendance total.  Really hot, but really fun.  But...  On to something 
more important.

I'll be out of town on 6/25 and unfortunately cannot make changes to my 
plans (10th wedding anniversary trip) but this is an event I am supporting 
through promotion as well as financially.  If you are able to take part in 
this, please do so:

Some background...  Kegs is a friend of ours from the Northeast Vulcan 
Riders and Owners Club (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ne_vroc/).  He found 
out recently that he is fighting cancer of the esophagus.  Although he will 
be weak from his chemo treatments, he has decided to take part in the Relay 
for Life Walkathon in Oxford, PA on 6/25.  He specifically requested that we 
show up on our bikes to support his effort.  I've since cleared the way for 
non-Vulcan riders to join in on the ride and the support - as if there would 
ever be a question!  Here are the details:

Kegs Relay for Life / Annual NEVROC North-South Run - June 25, 2005

In a post Kegs made a while back about fighting 'the Beast', he said
that he'd love to see a bunch of shiny Vulcans at his Relay for
Life Walkathon in his hometown of Oxford, PA. and brothers and
sisters of VROC..... we're gonna do it! The Relay organizers are
expecting us in time for the Closing Ceremonies where we can stand
together and walk a lap for Kegs, all the other folks fighting 'the
Beast', and those that ride with us when our pegs are down. They
intend to reserve us some spots & told us to bring flags & banners
(as if we won't be visible enough LOL!). MaryEllen McGuigan and
Mary Ann Connor will be on hand as well!  Some of you may remember Mary Ann 
Connor from when Don "Foggy" Connor was fighting the beast a while back. 
Kegs was by Foggy's side for many of his last days here on earth.

Estimated arrival time in Oxford, PA is between 10:00 and 10:30. Here are 
the ride itineraries for riders:

NEVROC / Northern NJ / PA folks:

It's an early day, but traffic should be light! Arrive at the WaWa
in Easton, PA just off Rt 611 at 0700. The Exxon across the street
is open, but with the flooding they've had, it appears they're only
accepting cash. Kickstands up and we're off at 0715 sharp!!!  Please be 
gassed up and ready to roll.

.Rt 611 to Rt 22 West to the PA turnpike Northeast Extension (I495 -
toll road) & head south.
.Pull off at the Lehigh Rest Stop at ~0745 for fuel, restroom breaks
and to pick-up any riders that may chose to meet us there. The stop
will be kept no later than 20min.
.0805 we're back on the Pike. Should take us 30-35 minutes to reach
the tolls at the intersection of I-295 / I-495 where we'll pay our
$2+ toll & meet the Jersey Devil VROC gang and anyone who comes up with 

Jersey Devil Chapter / Central and Southern NJ / Delaware folks:

JDC-VROC to meet at the WAWA (Rt. 537 by 6-Flags) at 7:00 a.m. and
depart 7:15 a.m. firm.

We intend to meet up with the N.E. VROC Chapter about half way there so we 
need to leave on time. Please plan to arrive at WAWA by 7:00 a.m. for a tank 
of GAS and Coffee, etc.  We will not be stopping for breakfast anywhere so 
be fed too if possible. Our route will be Rt. 195 to NJ Turnpike to PA 
Turnpike to the Blue Route (476 South) Toll Booth where we will fall in 
behind the N.E. Chapter of VROC and anyone who joins them for the balance of 
the ride to Oxford.

Hopefully we will be back on the slab no later than 0900. An impromptu rest 
stop will be made along the route somewhere for gas & butt-break, but we 
still have 60-90min of ride time left. Here's the directions to the Oxford 
Area High School:

. From the tolls, continue south on I-476 for ~15mi
. Take Exit 5 onto US Rt1 South for ~4mi
. Take off ramp for the Baltimore Pike & travel for ~15mi
. Baltimore Pike becomes Rt 1 South again - travel for ~15mi
. Take the PA-10 exit for Cochranville/Oxford & turn right
onto Limestone Rd (ie Rt 10)
. Rt 10 South becomes North 3rd St in Oxford
. Left onto Market Street
. Make 4th right turn onto South 5th St - the school is at 302
South 5th Street.

>From Kegs:

The rest of the RELAY schedule rolls out around 3 on FRIDAY....with
a big survivor walk sometime in that evening. I will have family
and friends around for that. I am actually looking forward to it.
I am proud to call myself SURVIVOR this year. I hope to for many
years to come.

CAMPING is available on the field Friday night and we will have a
tent up. I doubt anyone from the group is interested but I just
wanted to let you know.

There are also many hotels along the route, and Philly & Baltimore aren't 
far if you're in those areas & prefer that route. Thanks all!

Joe in Northern, NJ

Ride a motorcycle in or near NJ?

Cedar Grove, NJ Bike Night! (973) 239-1400

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