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Sun Jun 26 18:45:44 CDT 2005

Just a reminder to come on out and join us on Mondays anytime after 6:00 PM 
at Jim Dandy's on route 23 at mile marker 2 or 3.  It is located next to the 
Cedar Grove Post Office.

I just got back from a vacation and thought you folks might enjoy this ride 
report too:

Arrived in Bermuda on Tuesday as part of our 10th anniversary cruise 
vacation thing...  Got on my rented 50cc scooter and started riding whenever 
and wherever I could which included leaving the ship prior to sunrise and 
meeting it at the next port as well as devising a way to drop the scooter 
off back at the scooter-shop on departure day even though they had free 
pick-up at the ship.  Logged somewhere around 150-200 miles (not sure 
because I swapped scooters with father-in-law for half a day and his 
speedo/odo was not working) and saw just about every road on the island 
except for some small roads near Hamilton.

The island is as awesome as ever.  Went there 5 years ago and would go back 
again.  It is losing it's British influence and feel ever so slowly to 
Caribbean and Portuguese immigrants but the place is still a great location 
to visit and safe as can be.  The culture is simply morphing into an 
international scene as many places elsewhere are.

If anyone plans on going to Bermuda anytime soon, eMail me privately and 
I'll give you a secret tip on a road that is normally guarded from tourists 
as well as locals...  It's absolutely the best little excursion I took all 
week.  Saw the homes of the rich and famous and the nicest beaches on the 
whole island.  Tried to convince my wife to join me the next day, but two of 
us on a 50cc scooter was only good for about 1/2 hour at a time...

Gained 15 pounds...  Lost some skin to the sun...  Scared the bejesus out of 
a few fish while snorkeling as it's probably the only sport I'm actually 
good at.  Rode in a tee shirt, shorts and flip flops most of the days 
because it was really, really, really hot...

The local "riders" are absolutely, totally, undeniably crazy.  Imagine rush 
hour on a two lane road.  Imagine the road is only 15-20 feet wide.  Imagine 
it is as curvy as Hawk's Nest but with rock walls rising up on both sides... 
But in this case, the rocks are sharp coral cheese-grater things.  No 
visibility.  Stop and go traffic into Hamilton...  And these scooter riders 
are riding down the wrong side of the road at full speed on their 150cc 
local scooters (max size for their two-strokes, 200cc for four strokes. 
Police have 250cc bikes and one guy has an OCC chopper and gets a permit to 
"transport" it from point A to point B a few times a year.)  Now imagine 
that traffic is coming the other way at around 30 MPH (which is crazy BTW 
for the island!!!) and these scooter folks are darting in between cars with 
around 1-2 seconds notice and slamming on their brakes.  There are no 
passing laws enforced at times like this.  EVERY LAST SCOOTER is passing the 
cars like this and half the vehicles are scooters...  It's like a bunch of 
lemmings going to their own personal cliff.  We're talking business people 
in business clothing.  Young men and women in casual business dress. 
Mothers and fathers carrying kids as young as 3 and 4 wearing shorts, tee 
shirts (sometimes) and sandals...  No face shields in most cases and helmets 
are usually barely on.  ...And there I was, trying to ride with them. 
Scrapped the pegs on the scooter MANY times and still got passed like a 90 
yr. old woman at the local high school running track.

To sum it up, the guys who do wheelies down Hawk's Nest at 40-50 MPH on 
their sport bikes are tame compared to the Bermuda folk...

I went out on a jet ski (does that count as riding?  It gave me HUGE 
smiles...) for about 1-1.5 hours and got the worst sun burn of my life.  I 
have this charcoal-looking skin peeling from my face and head right now... 
Come see it at Cedar Grove Bike Night tomorrow.  :)

Overall, a great vacation.  Nice calm seas most of the times.  Good food 
(important!!!) and great service.  Saw lots of flying fish (three types), 
some wild dolphin and a few large unidentifiable fish while in the open sea 
too.  Spent hours just standing at the front of the ship staring out into 

Glad to hear the Kegs run went well!  Wish I could have been back on time 
for that one.  Look forward to some ride reports on that.  Can any of you 
send them to me as I simply refuse to read through the 2342 eMails that I 
pulled off the server a while ago.

If you have a spare moment before midnight tonight, vote for Greg 
(http://www.101qfl.com/ or via eMail at positive at 101qfl.com)  See you guys 


Cedar Grove, NJ Bike Night! (973) 239-1400 

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