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Mon Jul 4 22:09:04 CDT 2005

Before I say anything else, we hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Help us spread the word please.  Forward this eMail to a few friends. 
Everyone knows a biker these days!!!

I'm copying a few groups that we know are either attending The Ride 2005 or
showed interest.  This message is a quick update for The Ride 2005 being
held on July 30th.  See www.youthelate.com for full details or feel free to
eMail theride2005 at youthelate.com with any questions.  Alternately, you can
call (973) 571-1456 (24/7) and leave a message.  We are less than a month 
away and things are starting to heat up quite nicely!

This morning, the roads were wide open as a few of us previewed and fully
"tested" two of the route choices for The Ride 2005. It was most enjoyable!
I'm borrowing someone else's motorcycle right now and an added bonus was
that he has heated grips.  Seeing as it was in the mid to high 50's when we
left at 7 AM, I used them!  This is the month of July, right?!?

Here is where The Ride 2005 stands as of today.  We have heard back from a 
good number of clubs who will be attending this year's event.  Most are 
meeting us at the launch point in Sussex, NJ.  Some are simply meeting us at 
the lunch destination in Belvidere, NJ and planning their own ride routes. 
We all think that is a great idea for those that are too far away to join us 
initially.  We suggest that your groups send us your meeting and/or route 
plans and we will gladly publicize them in future eMails and on the web site 
that way people from your area can feel free to join you or come up and 
start off with us.  We are also receiving a good exposure from our event 
listing on a lot of web sites and the July issues of Backroads and E. Penn 
Biker Magazine.  (www.backroadsusa.com and www.epennbiker.com)

As you may already know, this year's event will offer a number of great
riding options. Self guided routes will be offered at registration starting
at 9:00 AM and we will have a "guided tour" departing a bit later on.   Here 
are the details for the main "guided tour" group as well as our starting and 
destination location:

Sussex Motorsports Facility
(Yamaha / Suzuki dealership)
446 Route 23 South
Sussex, NJ  07461

Luigi's Rancho Restaurant
480 Highway 46 West
Belvidere, NJ  07823-2650

The guided tour route is around 50 miles...  Give or take a few...  Really
nice roads including some minor in-town riding on 519 South.  Those areas
are good for bladder and gas tank breaks for the coffee drinkers and small
gas tank folk.  The "guided tour" group will be nice and relaxed.  Not so
fast that the newer riders are in danger yet not so slow that the cars
behind us try to pass.  <grin>  Just fast enough to allow everyone to enjoy
the great roads and scenery.  We will, of course offer information at
registration on where the group is headed in case some folks want to take
the direct route themselves.  We all know you sport bike riders will want to 
enjoy 519 safely, but at a faster pace than the custom chopper guys.  <grin>

I'm happy to announce that we have received some great sponsorship items 
this year.  So far we have items and services donated by the following:

Kawasaki Global / Riders of Kawasaki - www.kawasaki.com
N.J. Highlanders Motorcycle Club - (973) 835-2456 and (973) 835-5043
Newark Bears Baseball Team - www.newarkbears.com
Hot Dog Johnnys - www.hotdogjohnny.com
DARE - www.dare.com
Bangkok Kitchen - (973) 618-9975 (The promoter's favorite restaurant!)
Blue Bird School Bus Company - www.blue-bird.com
Captain Tom, professional impersonator (pending)

And more...  Details to be eMailed later and posted at our web site.  See 
www.youthelate.com for some pictures and additional details.

If anyone out there has a business that would like to support The Ride 2005
or our year-long efforts to raise scholarship funds for teens in the
Metropolitan NY area, please contact us.  We are scratching our heads and
would like to know where all the major motorcycle manufacturers are?!?  It
seems Kawasaki is the only one who responds yearly and we are incredibly
grateful to them for it!  We would love more raffle items and door prizes so
that our participants have a better time and we raise more scholarship
funding.  No gift is too large (or too small for that matter) so feel free 
to contact us today! Both Joe and Dan (the two main promoters/organizers of 
The Ride) are active youth leaders in Metro NY and have a good feel of what 
groups and/or teens can use these funds.  It never goes to waste and the 
need is always much greater than the supply.  Thank you ALL for helping as 
much as you do already.

We are also looking for one or two volunteers who can drive 4 wheeled
vehicles (otherwise known as cages!) on the day of the event.  We need to 
transport all this stuff that has been donated as well as some small 
organizational items from the launch point to the lunch point.  You will not 
only have a great time, but you will also earn yourself a free meal.  If you 
don't want the food, I will gladly eat it.  <grin>

On another note...  Pun fully intended...  We are very close to finalizing 
the booking of a live band for The Ride 2006.  Unfortunately, they cannot 
make it to this year's event so if you know of a talented band that would 
like to join us in July, please have them contact us ASAP!

That is all for now.  See you on the 30th!



Also see http://tinyurl.com/4zkw8 for a year long group riding option and
details about the Cedar Grove, NJ bike night.

The Ride, Youthelate and The Gathering Christian Fellowship are
not-for-profit.  A suggested donation of $15 per vehicle is suggested but
not necessary for you and your friends / family to attend.  100% of the
funds collected help send needy teens to camp when they or their families
cannot afford to do so themselves.  Please join us July 30th and spread the
word! The Ride is a family friendly event and all are welcome.

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