[enjoyLIFErides] This Saturday's Ride / Event (Nov. 26th)

Enjoy LIFE. Ride with us. Based out of Cedar Grove, NJ but have bike, will travel! Enjoyliferides at yunx.com
Sun Nov 20 20:21:33 CST 2005

I am organizing an informal and leisurely ride around the area this 
Saturday, November 26.  I will be departing from the CVS on Route 23 in 
Cedar Grove (across the street from Dunkin Donuts at mile marker 1.5) at 
11:00 AM.  We will go from Cedar Grove into and around Somerset county and 
wind up back in Cedar Grove around 3 PM. I hope to hit a few areas of 
interest including the Great Swamp refuge area and the NYC overviews of 
Johnson Drive in Watchung and Washington Rock.  Lunch will be at a location 
somewhere along the route and probably a random sandwich shop or 
variety-type fast food joint.  Nothing fancy or expensive.  Maybe even White 
Castle if all agree that they can handle it prior to departure.  <grin>

I was brought up in Somerset county so I guarantee that I will hit some 
smaller roads that most would never find on their own.  It won't be a race 
and there will not be a set route. I'll let the size of the group and the 
day's weather dictate where we wind up going.  One thing is certain.  It 
will be a relaxed ride.

If the weather is not cooperative(rain or...  well...  the evil white stuff) 
then I'll send out an e-mail message that morning canceling the ride.  You 
can also call me at 862-703-9962 and I'll give you a status report or 
directions to the CVS in Cedar Grove launch site.

All are welcome to ride with us regardless of whether they want to 
participate in the event later that evening.  Donations towards the 
fundraiser are not expected, but will be accepted during the ride.  As many 
of you know, a riding buddy of mine, and more importantly, a friend of mine 
was involved in a motorcycle accident back in May while riding down in VA on 
his Vulcan.  He is finally at home as of last weekend but is dealing with 
some serious challenges - he is basically paralyzed from the neck down with 
limited control of his arms only.  This Saturday, a good number of us (250+) 
are gathering for a fundraiser dinner event to help pay for modifications to 
his home, vehicles, etc.  If you want to attend, you need to RSVP NOW.  I 
think the deadline for last minute reservations is just about here...  Call 
Tim Smith at 973-857-5072 ASAP and tell him Joe Agro sent you. If you don't 
call right now, you may not be able to attend.  In fact, the deadline may 
have already passed at this point for RSVPs.  Anyhow...  Tim Smith will have 
the definite answer on that one.

I will be collecting donations from anyone who wants to give during the 
ride.  For those of you who want to ride and attend the evening's event, 
e-mail me direct.  For those of you who cannot attend and/or cannot ride 
with us but would like to make a donation, you can mail it (payable to 
"Employee Relief Furtenbacher Fund") to me at:

Joe Agro
123 Winding Way
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

I will hand deliver whatever donations are made to the organizers on behalf 
of those riders who want to support the Furtenbacher family but cannot 
attend in person.

The dinner will take place at the Il Tulipano (http://www.tulipano.com/) 
located at 1131 Pompton Avenue in Cedar Grove, NJ (07009).  Proceeds will be 
forwarded to the "Employee Relief Furtenbacher Fund."  Tim Smith can give 
you full details should you have any questions.

Again, you are all welcome to join us for the ride even if you don't want to 
donate even a single penny.  These are two separate events. I am personally 
tying them together to facilitate support for Steve and his family.

I promise to avoid highways, 18 wheelers and random and extended meetings 
with strangers.  <grin for MH>  Hope to see you Saturday!

Joe Agro

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