[enjoyLIFErides] Tomorrow's Ride Plans (NJ)

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Fri Nov 25 16:59:08 CST 2005

I hope everyone had a great holiday.

A quick reminder that cold will not stop the ride tomorrow.  It is supposed 
to be dry from now till then so most, if not all of the roads out this way 
should be nice for winter riding.

Those of you with the guts (literally) or heated gear are more than welcome 
to come out and join us - even if you need to split off early due to plans 
or cold.  Bring a friend and I'll buy you a donut. :)

We will be departing from the CVS on Route 23 in Cedar Grove (across the 
street from Dunkin Donuts at mile marker 1.5) at 11:00 AM.  Show up early 
and walk the 100' to Dunkin Donuts for some hot coffee and/or to fill up 
with gasoline across the street at Exxon.

Dress warm and I hope to see some folks tomorrow!  I got in a few miles 
today and the roads look good.  The cages are all in awe when they see a 
bike in these temperatures so at least we know they will pay attention to 
us.  <grin>

Now...  I'm off for some nice spicy Mexican food.  Maybe I can internalize 
the "heat" for use tomorrow. Adios!

Joe in Northern, NJ  -  V#8013-R

Currently Riding The "Mother Ship"

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